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Nordkrieg, or Land Battleships in the 1930s

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Nordkrieg, or Land Battleships in the 1930s Empty Nordkrieg, or Land Battleships in the 1930s

Post  Mr. Digby Sat Mar 04, 2023 5:48 pm

Ladies and Gentlemen... I do of course use these terms loosely...

Since about November and into December I have been planning a campaign based in a fictional setting and using armies more or less based on the major European protagonists in 1939-1940 but with a few changes. For example some of my OOBs are taken from the 3 major nations in the 1939 Poland invasion and others from the BEF, the Dutch, Belgian and Danish armies of that era. I have set my fictional date in 1933 and am also using a large number of inter-war tank and armoured car designs, because... well... they are awesomely quaint.

I have converted these at 1/10th scale (called "bathtubbing") into armies that I feel I'm capable of representing in model form on the wargame table.

I contacted Marshal's infamous group the International Kriegsspiel Society to drum up interest and now have 13 players committed to battle.

While this is not a true Kriegsspiel and is more of a PBEM campaign with the battles resolved on the wargame table using 20mm miniatures (but the tactical approach is driven by the orders issued by the strategic players) I wondered if people here would be interested in a narrative of how things are going.

We have just completed turn 1 (early July 1933) which generated no less than six battles and five of those are compete, then its on to Turn 2.

So I'm open to the response from the floor to see if there is interest in me reporting on events.

Mr. Digby
Mr. Digby

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Nordkrieg, or Land Battleships in the 1930s Empty Re: Nordkrieg, or Land Battleships in the 1930s

Post  Martin Sat Mar 04, 2023 9:24 pm

Yes please, Diggers. I always enjoy replays, and this sounds like a nice quirky scenario.

Martin J


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