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Kriegsspiel Block Sizes

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Kriegsspiel Block Sizes Empty Kriegsspiel Block Sizes

Post  henridecat Tue Jan 27, 2009 1:27 pm

Part of a discussion copied from the Yahoo Group.

I know I have seen this somewhere buy I cannot for the life of me
remember where. Is there list of block sizes in mm available?

"Stewart Gibson"


Here's a cut and paste from Irregular Mini's website.
(letters are the price code)

K1 10mm x 10mm (set of 4) D
K2 12mm x 6mm (set of 4) D
K3 9mm x 6mm (set of 4) D
K4 9mm x 5mm (set of 4) D

K5 5mm x 5mm (set of 4) C

Tim (bactrian666 )


Re: Block sizes

If you go to the lard site Rich has posted the blocks, actually the
labels to go on the blocks. All these labels fit the Irregular blocks
with a little fiddling. I did have to cut some and file a bit to get
some of the rare sizes. Have you got a set of the rules? Having the
blocks in hand along with the rules, it all begins to make sense.

Tim (bactrian666 )

Hi Tim

Yes I have the rules: very nice work by Richard at TFL. Waiting for
the maps now...:-(...patiently...

I am considering making my own blocks and labels and was hoping some
kind soul had the sizes for all of the blocks in a list somewhere.

The 1862 rules seem to have settled upon 1 cm square for most of the
blocks and the skirmish zuge have a 1 cm front and are not as deep.
The blocks representing the patrols etc look to be in the order of 3mm
x 3mm and artillery at 5mm x 1omm.

From that I guess I'll settle on 10 x 10 m for the troop blocks, 10 mm
x 4 mm for the skirnmish zuge and 5 x 10 mm for artillery. patrols etc
at 4 x 4 mm.

The blocks for von Reisswitz as follows; (List from the Kriegspiel
news site)
1. 1 squadron Hussars 10 x 10 mm
2. 1 squadron Uhlans 10 x 10 mm
3. 1 squadron Dragoons 10 x 10 mm
4. 1 squadron Cuirassiers 10 x 10 mm
5. An Infantry half-battalion (450 men) 12.5 x 7.5mm
6. A half battery (foot artillery) 12.5 x 7.5mm
7. Wagons for an artillery battery 12.5 x 7.5mm
8. A half-battery (horse artillery) 6 x 7.5 mm
9. A cavalry troop, small post or patrol etc. 4 x 4 mm ?
10. A skirmish platoon 12.5 x 4mm ?
11. 8 pontoon wagons 10 x 10 mm ?
12. A battalion of Pioneers 12.5 x 10mm
13. Small Exchange Piece 6 x 7.5 mm ?
14. Larger Exchange piece 9 x 7.5 mm ?
15. An NCO and 10 riders 4 x 4 mm
16. 1 officer and 21 riders 4 x 4 mm
17. An NCO and 10 men 4 x 4 mm
18. 1 officer and 25 men 4 x 4 mm
19. 1 or 2-man cavalry post too small
20. 1 or 2-man infantry post too small
21. Supply column multiple skirmish blocks... say 3 per column

I have opted for a depth of 75 paces per the rules but think that a
6mm depth might be more aesthetically pleasing. I would have to look
at making 3mm blocks before I changed the close order depth. I would
like the skirmish blocks to be obvious. If I chose to use 3 mm
blocks I might change all of the 4 x 4 blocks to 3 x 3.

The 1828 supplement does not appear to have adjusted the blocks.

Thoughts, comments?

"Stewart Gibson"

Re: Block sizes

Dear all

I have recently being doing some research and can source red and blue
acrylic blocks in the correct sizes for Infantry half battalions,
cavalry, gun batteries and limbers. Outposts etc would be 5mm square
and skirmishers 12.5 x 5 mm though that could be reduced to 10mm.

I could probably also source some of the other sizes.

If an order was large enough the cost for a Prussian infantry
division (20 half battalion blocks, 8 cavalry blocks, artillery
blocks, skirmish exchange pieces and a number of outposts)would be
about ten UK pounds. The advantage would be they would be
precoloured so saving on some painting and could take printed labels
or be capable of taking paint etc. In all cases the block depth
would be 3mm.

I was going to go ahead and get some but if there is an interest I
could over order and sell on.

If anyone is interested let me know (without obligation!) and I will
order sufficient to source those that think they would like them.

Best regards

Steve Hockin

After this kind offer there was a considerable correspondence and a number of sets were ordered and purchased by members.

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Kriegsspiel Block Sizes Empty Blocks

Post  dutchy124 Fri Sep 24, 2010 10:30 pm

Hi Steve,

I know it was a fair time ago that you posted about the subject of blocks, but any chance you could send me details of where you purchased them?



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Kriegsspiel Block Sizes Empty photon cutter studios

Post  stoffelbier Sun Nov 21, 2010 7:21 pm

I bought my pieces here, they are excellent: photon cutter studios


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Kriegsspiel Block Sizes Empty Re: Kriegsspiel Block Sizes

Post  dutchy124 Sun Nov 21, 2010 11:56 pm

Thanks for the info. I have already ordered from there and hope to receive the order shortly.


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Kriegsspiel Block Sizes Empty Re: Kriegsspiel Block Sizes

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