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beginner‘s questions

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beginner‘s questions Empty beginner‘s questions

Post  Markusius Sat May 25, 2019 4:06 pm

I‘m new to Kriegsspiel and read a rulebook that was written by a kind of the old Berlin Kriegsspiel „club“, but this book hasn‘t got every importent information, so I hope that can answer some of my main questions.
How much hitpoints can be taken by any unit type? ( Please tell seperately for every Unit type!)
How can I calculate losings without the Kriegsspiel dices?
What if infantary charges infantary and how to calculate that?
Are there different types of firearms?
Does only the standart unit types exist?
Can I occupy houses and what differents make that?
I‘m thankful for every answer.
I hope you can forgive me my grammatical mistakes.


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beginner‘s questions Empty Re: beginner‘s questions

Post  gunboat diplomat Sun Jun 09, 2019 4:13 pm

Hi Markusias
I am not sure which rules you are referring to? If it is the original Reiswitz rules they do cover some of the questions you ask. I think they are available from Too Fat Lardies still? The Wikipedia entry on Kriegsspiel also attempts to cover some explanation of the original rules.
If you are expecting modern style rules clarifications from Reiswitz I think you may be disappointed. I think its important to highlight a couple of things. The original rules were intended as a training aid. The good thing about them is that players operated to a General Idea or scenario and Special Ideas i.e. objectives to achieve. They are also helpful in describing movement rates etc of the period. Where they suffer is in the mechanisms to simulate combat. They are quite cumbersome and complex requiring a lot of book keeping. Modern wargames rules I would suggest are , in many cases more user friendly. That might be why noone uses Reiswitz any more! Indeed many subsequent Kriegsspiel style systems did away with rules and asked the ‘professionals’ who were umpiring to use their knowledge and experience to adjudicate outcomes.
What we tend to term ‘Kriegspiels’ these days give a nod to Reiswitz in terms of general ideas and special ideas and map based activity with ‘Fog of War’ in full effect. The original move rates etc remain valid but the mechanisms umpires use by which outcomes are adjudicated is scaled to the formations being used and are often very streamlined in order to give a good experience for the players.
The face to face games we play at Little gaddeson have players representing commanders of both sides and an umpire team much as Reiswitz did. The scenarios and unit sizes vary and in order for the players to receive regular (i.e. every few minutes of real time) updates on what is happening in game time (which could be a few minutes or a few hours though we tend to operate in half hour time segments for Napoleonic Divisional level games) activity is adjudicated using very simple mechanisms suitably coined in ‘realistic’ terms for players to understand and act on.
Have an explore of the Kriegsspiel websire articles which cover running games etc.
I hope that helps a little

gunboat diplomat

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