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Using Cameras to depict events

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Using Cameras to depict events

Post  henridecat on Tue Jan 27, 2009 3:00 pm

Discussion copied from Yahoo Kriegsspiel Group

> I'm using the Marzell maps from I will need
> to find some way to mark up these maps with unit positions and
> distribute the resulting files to the players (of course each
> player will need their own map containing only what they can
> see).

Digital camera?

I play my PBEM games with figures once the units get into
range, and I just take pictures of the battlefield from a low
angle. (I then use MSPaint to label things to help them
orientate themselves a bit, and to rub out bits they can't

Taking a picture of your map would at least be quick. Rub out
in MSPaint things not in line of sight.

Sure they might not be able to read the photos 100% properly,
but that adds the necessary "fog". You could even angle it so
that the "nearest" bits are clearer than the "furtherest" bits.

It would give an impression of where things are that no amount
of map reading achieves, which I presume it what you want.

Mark Plant
I have been interested to read comments about cameras. For suitable
quality digital pictures I would guess you need something more than a
portrait camera in order to get detail of units or figures rather
than just a bland impression. Can anyone comment on suitable

Chris Russell
This is fairly typical.
(By the time the player "saw" this the units had disappeared
from view, so the arrows depict the movement.)

Note, unfortunately the above link is broken, but I can recommend Marks Site and below is a picture he provided for me when I participated in one of his PBEM campaigns.

You are not trying to give accuracy, merely an impression of
the relative "look" of things. If they can't quite make out the
details, so much the better. (I assumed that you would be
taking pictures of either blocks or cut-out cardboard on a map
-- using figures and terrain on a board for KS is good fun, but
not compatible with a job).

The thing about taking photos is that it is very little work --
since the umpire already has to have the map moves done
regardless. Whereas setting things up on a drawing program is
too tedious to ever do on a regular basis.

Mark Plant
G'day Mark

This of course begs the questions
What MegaPixel rating
What Optical zoom
and what sort of Macro does it have?

Remind me how you do the arrows/labels et al.

Also - from the photo - where do you get you buildings?

Cheers David Nicolz
It's a Ricoh Caplio RR230. 2 MegaPixels. (I'm not kidding when
I say most phones are better these days.)

3 x optical zoom. The zoom is not an issue for me with KS -- I
need the widest angle possible for the table.

It has a macro, but I don't use it except for the odd close-up
of a unit. If I can I find someone with a better camera to do
it for me.
> Remind me how you do the arrows/labels et al.

Done in MSPaint. It's very nasty but quick and easy.

I use GIMP for my better stuff, but not when I'm in a hurry.
> Also - from the photo - where do you get you buildings?
Handmade and cast in resin. I decided to go the N-scale/12mm
route for terrain and no-one made Russian cottages in that
scale then. (Now TimeScale make a few excellent ones.)

Mark Plant
Very interesting but it does make the point that if you want crisp
detail you need a more specialised camera - this is OK, if not
advantageous in giving a genaeral indication w/o detail and that
might be better for a Krieggsspiel purpose but I had in mind getting
detail on a figure.

Chris Russell

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