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Fantastic Mod!

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Fantastic Mod! Empty Fantastic Mod!

Post  parmenio on Thu Apr 11, 2019 12:01 pm

A bit of background....

I bought Scourge of War Waterloo on 22nd Dec 2015, played it for a grand total of 10 hours over three days and discarded it. I felt the manual was opaque and the tutorial wasn't much of a tutor.

So, fast forward 3+ years and I got an newsletter email from this forum (on a side note I started getting these intermittently a while back) regarding Waterloo 3D the demo of which I downloaded and which unsurprisingly failed to run - my laptop is ancient and no way was it going to cope with the Unreal engine.

Anyways, that sparked a "why don't I" moment and I fired SOWWL back up - it was still present in my Steam folder along with a very old KS Mod BTW, although I suspect I never got around to playing with the latter. This time I did a bit of Youtube searching and came across Darkrob's playlists which I have spent a couple of weeks or so working my way through from the bottom up.

In no way have I finished them but flush with the enthusiasm of a few wins at the Div level and on the back of watching some of Darkrob's video on Richerol, I decided to venture into my first Corps-level combat with the KS Mod. I had originally planned to go for the Attack on Richwol which I why I had only watched some of Darkrob's video in case of spoilers). However, faced with the statement "This is a difficult scenario" :-) I decided that was probably a bit adventurous and I should pick something a bit less challenging.

I picked KSFrenchScenario13 and went with that. The thing that I like most abpit the mod is the ability to provide a division with orders and let them get on with it while I move onto the next task. I loved the fact that I didn't have to TC everything and everyone to achieve anything.

Scouting worked great but screening was a bit hit and miss. It seemed to be fine with the Light Cavalry in Gudin's and Boudet's divisions but von Deroy's Heavy Cavalry seemed to believe screening happened from the rear. Général de brig. François Marie Clément also seemed to spend the entire time "rallying". Should I have moved his brigade forward before selecting the Screen button? Note - I understand that was unlikely to be the best use of von Deroy's Cuirassiers but I'm trying to get a handle on what works and what doesn't.

I've cleared the Austrians from the high ground around Villarrobledo and that leaves the forces further South facing Boudet. When he ran into them, I put his division on Hold which semed to be a mistake because those sub-units that were already engaged continued to be so on their own and they suffered some losses.

I then attempted to alter the stance and deployment in the following order:

1. Right-click on a place/facing for Boudet
2. Picked a formation
3. Changed the stance to Defend (IIRC).

This resulted in an attempt to defend facing due West which was not "a good thing". I then did the same thing but in a different order:

1. Changed the stance to Defend (IIRC).
2. Right-click on a place/facing for Boudet
3. Picked a formation

Which worked.. Probably need some guidance on what is expected because the KS Script Guide implies what I did first of all is the way to go:

1. Specify a location.
2. Give a direction to face once there.
3. Deploy in a certain formation.
4. Use the road network, (can be deleted of you want the unit to march cross country).
5. The stance to take while on the march and at the destination.

I shall post any further queries I have on how to use the mod in this thread. In the meantime, I shall be starting another one relating to uplifting the stock scenarios to work with the KS mod.

Edit: I've just noticed I joined this forum on the day I bought the game...


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Fantastic Mod! Empty Re: Fantastic Mod!

Post  Uncle Billy on Thu Apr 11, 2019 4:17 pm

Welcome to the forum. It's good to hear you are enjoying the mod.

The cavalry screening function isn't really finished yet so I wouldn't be surprised if you find some odd behavior. Please list those here when you find them. It will make improving the behavior easier. But really, ordering the heavies to do light cavalry work? Shocked I'm surprised they didn't walk over to your location and remove your head. After all, they do have a rather high opinion of themselves.

The sequence of orders to give a unit when trying to move it really depends on the situation. The one that is suggested in the KS manual is for situations when the brigade/division is not engaged. If a brigade is already engaged, even if it's only one battalion, then it is unlikely you can get the brigade to disengage and move somewhere else. Disengagement is one of the more difficult processes to do on a battlefield. You'll have to order the individual battalions to disengage yourself to accomplish it. Even then it's a bit tricky. The fact that you got the desired results the second time you attempted to move the division was likely the result of luck rather than a certain order sequence. It also could be a case that the courier with the formation order arrived and delivered his message before the courier with the new location/facing got there. This can happen if there is very little distance between couriers as they ride off to the commander and he is in motion himself.

Keep plugging away and pointing out behavior you find puzzling.

I can make this march and I will make Georgia howl.
Uncle Billy
Uncle Billy

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Fantastic Mod! Empty Re: Fantastic Mod!

Post  parmenio on Thu Apr 11, 2019 4:26 pm

But really, ordering the heavies to do light cavalry work? Shocked I'm surprised they didn't walk over to your location and remove your head. After all, they do have a rather high opinion of themselves

Yes - I could virtually sense the disdain leaking out of the screen....


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Fantastic Mod! Empty Re: Fantastic Mod!

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