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Finally decided to Register Here. Hello all!

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Finally decided to Register Here. Hello all!

Post  Iconoclast on Sun Jan 08, 2017 10:10 pm

Dear all,

Ico here. After my craving for hardcore wargaming could not be satisfied in recent months, I decided to register here...

I come from a "professional" angle: Joined the German Army in 2010, until I broke a leg in march 2016. They decided to put me behind an office desk (also because my leg didn't heal properly) and since then I try to satisfy my yearning for maneuvering with wargames. Nothing really helped so far. The CPX-flair of Kriegsspiel made me look at it every few weeks. I bought both rulesets from toofatlardis

I was an active wargamer way before I decided to join. My favourites include Airborne Assault (an early taste of what computer games can do) the successor Command Ops, Gary's WITE, and Combat Mission. I closely monitor the development of a Kriegsspiel-style computer game, called General Staff.

I enjoy not being in complete control, commanding smaller units, and I am good at losing Very Happy Fighting against a superior opponent, knowing that I am just a small gear in a bigger picture is just weirdly satisfying for me.

I expect and hope to find some PBEM Kriegsspiel, 19th or 20th century. I am personally not familiar with the Napoleon era tactics but find that era nevertheless exciting. World War 2 is my hobbyhorse. Q: I assume the Reisswitz and Email Kriegsspiel subforums are the ones I want to regularly check?

In the long run, I can see myself flying out to some selected events in Europe.

If you have questions, fire away.



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Re: Finally decided to Register Here. Hello all!

Post  Martin on Sun Jan 08, 2017 10:41 pm

Hi Ico

Good to hear from you. We periodically run email games, although I'm not aware of one at the moment. If anyone else is (Father General perhaps?), please yell.

If you can ever fly to the UK, you would always be welcome at our face-to-face games. We always play with a proper command structure, so I'm sure you would feel comfortable with that. The style of the group is very relaxed and friendly. We are not very competitive.

Martin (J)


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Re: Finally decided to Register Here. Hello all!

Post  King_Rufus on Wed Jan 11, 2017 8:34 pm

Welcome Iconoclast! Its especially valuable to have forum contributors with real military experience – given that not a few of us are civilian desk jockeys whose nearest experience of hostile action is wrestling with malfunctioning office machines…..

It will be interesting to see how General Staff progresses

Digby, is the 1815 PBEM still ongoing?

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Re: Finally decided to Register Here. Hello all!

Post  Iconoclast on Wed Jan 11, 2017 10:20 pm

Both of your comments are much appreciated.


From my recent experience, I can assure you that the struggle with the office machines is sometimes all the combat experience you need....


Edit: Just in case there is an ongoing PBEM game, I would love to be added to the mailing list so I can tag along and just have a feel how your orders are written and how PBEM wargaming looks like. If you could forward the player briefings and other resources that would be great too.

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Re: Finally decided to Register Here. Hello all!

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