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30.04.2017 Vikings!

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30.04.2017 Vikings!

Post  feralghoul on Sun Jan 08, 2017 8:44 pm

“Behold, a people shall come from the north….
They shall hold the bow and the lance:
they are cruel, and will not shew mercy:
their voice shall roar like the sea”
Jeremiah 50:41

Play begins in 871 CE with the Great Heathen Army "of ill repute " poised to complete its subjugation of the English kingdoms and strike at the last independent one - Wessex. The heathens are led by the legendary king Halfdan Ragnarsson (son of the even more legendary Ragnar) and the less legendary king Bagsecg. Depending on how the game unfolds, they may be joined or replaced by the totally legendary Ubba Ragnarsson and/or the comparatively unlegendary and wholly historical Guthrum. The Christians are led by Aethelred and his brother Alfred (star of an early, failed, pilot for the GBBO).
Participants will take the roles of kings, jarls, ealdorman and thegns and command units ranging in size from war bands to armies.The Danes will seek not only to accumulate portable wealth and enhance personal reputation in the traditional 'Viking' manner, but also to subvert or conquer Wessex. Their main concerns will probably be around resupply and reinforcement and the cohesion of the host. Their advantages lie in their martial prowess and their mastery of the strategic feint, coordinated operations and political subversion.
In their defence of Wessex, while the Saxons will be less concerned with supply issues, they will have to interpret and evaluate Danish incursions and the summoning of the Great Fyrd (the national militia) will be critical. If called precipitately, problems of retention and economic collapse may result, while too late may leave Wessex effectively defenceless.
Ealdormen and thegns may well be torn between defending their shires and answering the royal summons while the morale of the ceorls will decline the further they are from their farms. The demands of the harvest will also have an impact on recruitment and retention.
Hopefully, the game will reflect that for the 9th century noble the security and prospects of his family and his own wealth and reputation tended to trump ethnic and national interests. Truces sealed by tribute may well feature and the wealth of the king is likely to influence the game in no small degree.
More to follow.
Regards Steve P
(Green Midget Cafe, Bromley


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Re: 30.04.2017 Vikings!

Post  Martin on Sun Jan 08, 2017 10:21 pm

Splendid!  Ideally I would like to play a free-spirited son of the waves.  A stout-hearted heathen plunderer of Saxon silver! Where's the harm in it?

Oh how I loathe those milksops from Wessex and Mercia.  Good only for ravaging.

Martin (J)


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Re: 30.04.2017 Vikings!

Post  King_Rufus on Sun Feb 26, 2017 5:25 pm

Sakserne maa gaa ad helvede til! Stik mig mit svaerd saa jeg maa slaa dem i stykke!

[Eng. Trans. May I be a nasty uncouth ravager like Martin please?]

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Re: 30.04.2017 Vikings!

Post  Martin on Fri Mar 03, 2017 3:27 pm

But you are, dear fellow.  You are!

[And it does you great credit.]

Please note this game will now be held on Sunday 7th May (was 30th April).

New doodle here

Martin (J)


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Re: 30.04.2017 Vikings!

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