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Kriegsspiel 2022 System

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Kriegsspiel 2022 System Empty Kriegsspiel 2022 System

Post  Father General Thu Jul 28, 2022 2:59 pm

I have self-published a Napoleonic ruleset for Kriegsspiel called "Kriegsspiel 2022" or "K22" for short. The system is a hybrid, based on how we have traditionally played in the International Kriegsspiel Society (IKS) and classic Reisswitz.

The ruleset is tuned for smaller games, with as few as two or three players. (Three is the minimum for umpired, double-blind play.) However, it can accommodate more players if desired. It is also designed to make games that play faster, between 1-5 hours, depending on the size and complexity of the scenario, the number of players and umpires available. Three people will probably get a game out in 2-3 hours. More people simply takes more time. Two players who get along can finish a game in as little as an hour. Again, it simply depends on how complicated you make it.

The players command small forces, usually a couple battalions and a battery, for a total of six blocks, give-or-take.

We have a Tabletop Simulator module, which is free from the Steam TTS Workshop, and includes the maps, and our redesign of the measuring tools.

Physical pieces can be sourced via the IKS as well.

The rules are available as a digital download from the official IKS Etsy store. If you purchase them from there, you will get access to the Google Drive version of the living rules, which are sometimes updated and includes some illustrations.  

The ruleset has a page on BGG, and there are YouTube videos demonstrating play and how to umpire the system.

Although the rulebook is lengthy, there is a cheat sheet in the living rules that simplifies things greatly, allowing you to play right away, dipping into the rules for more complex matters as needed.
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