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Joint ARVN Briefing

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Joint ARVN Briefing

Post  MJ1 on Tue Sep 10, 2013 8:31 pm

ARVN Commander General Truong the commander of the 1st Division with his head quarters based in Mang Ca Compound in the Northeast corner of the city of Hue. The commander has the following forces available to him at the start of the game: -

UnitLocationStrengthCo Qty
1st Div HQ Mang Ca CompoundCompany1
1st Div ReconnaissanceMang Ca CompoundCompany1
3rd Regt HQMang Ca CompoundCompany1
3rd Troop 7th CavPK 17Troop1
1st Troop 7th CavTam Thai (S/E)Troop1
Hac Bao (Black Panther)Tay Loc AirfieldCompany1
These forces can be commanded immediately an attack is detected upon the city. The General can specify some default directions should a unit be attacked.

The following units are under control of the General but can not take any action until the 31st January:-

UnitLocationStrengthCo Qty
2nd Battalion 1st Airborne TF PK 17Battalion3
7th Battalion 1st Airborne TF PK 17Battalion3
1st Airborne ArtyPK 17Company1
1st Battalion 3rd Regt S/E Near CoastBattalion3
4th Battalion 3rd Regt S/E Near CoastBattalion3
2nd Battalion 3rd Regt Training CentreBattalion3
3rd Battalion 3rd Regt Training CentreBattalion3
The General can specify some default directions / commands should a unit be attacked.

The General will be given reinforcements as and when they are available from other areas within the Corps area of control.

FYI - In Hue there is effectively a company of various military advisors based at the MACV compound. These will only defend and can not be used to attack or be commanded by any of the above commanders.

The Route One is the main supply line to the City and is constantly in use with truck conveys taking supplies to the various bases. The Tet offensive saw numerous bridges blown along the length of Route 1 and this caused serious supply issues in the early stages of the offensive.  For the game to be able to attack a Battalion will need 1 supply token for each turn of attack. The initial level of supplies is as follows: -

1. Hue at MACV Compound 4 Tokens
2. Hue at Airfield 2 Tokens
3. Hue at Mang Ca Compound 4 Tokens
4. Phu Bai 12 Tokens
5. PK17 8 Tokens
6. Camp Evans 8 Tokens

7. Each ARVN battalion carries 1 token with them.

Once a token has been issued to a battalion it can not be put back into supply. The maximum a battalion can carry is three days of supply.

The following types of orders can be given to your forces (lowest level is company).

Watch / Defend = No move and a bonus to attack if enemy move in range and are surprised.

Move / Assault = Specify where they are to move to or what target to attack.

Dig in = Will fortify an area and give bonus to defending troops.

Patrol = Troops will patrol the area around where they are based in an attempt to spot enemy troops. This effectively expands the area of control but no attacking allowed as forces are spread thin.


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