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"Kirby Smith & His Rebel Band..." - Sign Up for HITS/GCM Game 6

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"Kirby Smith & His Rebel Band..." - Sign Up for HITS/GCM Game 6 Empty "Kirby Smith & His Rebel Band..." - Sign Up for HITS/GCM Game 6

Post  WJPalmer on Wed Feb 06, 2013 1:15 pm

Players new to HITS MEETS GCM should carefully read a recent game briefing in-full

”Kirby Smith and His Rebel Band…” HITS/GCM Game 6
Game Day & Time: Saturday, February 9; 20:00 GMT
New Players: Always Welcome!
Location: GCM TeamSpeak site (HITS sub-channel) see
Let’s see if we can get 20 players for this one!

-GCM Website:
-More on Kriegspiel HITS:
-More on HITS play in SoW:
-GCM TeamSpeak Channel (GCM Site):
-Blaugrana’s Tips on Setting Up TeamSpeak Whisper Channels:
-More on sending couriers: See page 62 of the SoW Game Manual
-Marching Thru Georgia’s “Just Couriers” mod download (an enhanced set of written orders for courier delivery):
-More on the 1862 campaign to control the Cumberland Gap “The American Gibraltar”
-Listen to 2nd South Carolina String Band sing “Cumberland Gap”:

General George W. Morgan emerged triumphant for the Union in the recent contest for dominance of the Cumberland Gap in June 1862. It is now late summer and Braxton Bragg has designs on Kentucky. To carry out his plan, the notorious Rebel Kirby Smith has been assigned to recapture The Gap. Will history repeat? Come find out if “Kirby Smith and his rebel band, they run George Morgan back to Yankee-land!”

In the HITS/GCM game series the goal is to simulate the challenges of Civil War division command (or brigade command) by combining traditional HITS play with the enhancements and unique maps of Garnier’s Campaign Mod system. Adding to the command challenge are real-world limitations that place the bulk of responsibility for carrying out your orders in the hands of the AI’s computer-controlled subordinates. (see “Restrictions on TC’ing brigades and regiments” below).

What’s new in the Game?
We will continue to develop the unit specialization begun in earlier games: The army CinC’s will have enhanced flexibility to deploy their batteries in single-player artillery pool commands. Other players will focus on commanding their infantry-only divisions. New players, players with limited HITS experience, and anyone who simply prefers a smaller command, may take command of single brigades of infantry.

*Important In this game we simplify restrictions on TC’ing and controlling units. Now a player may take direct control of any or all of his regiments or brigade leaders within 50 yards. Once a player moves beyond 50 yards from a regiment or brigade leader, these must be returned to AI control.

*Most game rules will be the same as the last few games. Follow this link for additional background

Game Day Reminders
*All players must register on GCM ahead of time and run the GCM launcher the day of the game

*Regular HITS Players must be sure that the mods below are disabled before the game begins:

*Players may use most other mods and are encouraged to activate
-GCM Toolbar (or other favorite enhanced toolbar. Only 1 toolbar should be activated)
-Marching-Thru-Georgia’s “Just Couriers” mod for enhanced written courier order capabilities (see link under Resources above)

*Players are requested to adjust their individual settings for GCM Random to levels that are not greater than 4,000 men and 6 guns

*To encourage those new to the HITS experience and accommodate any who wish to play only a brigade, players are asked to express command preferences in advance at

*Restrictions on TC’ing brigades and regiments:
The HITS/GCM games impose limitations on players’ ability to take control (TC) their units that differs from standard HITS and GCM play
a) Players may give the full-range of written courier, command map, point & click, and button-rock commands to brigades, through AI-controlled brigade leaders, at any time. It is then up to computer-controlled subordinates to carry out those orders. Courier(s) will deliver all player-orders issued by any method;
b) Civil War division and corps commanders did occasionally step in to personally direct individual brigades and regiments. In this game, players may take direct control of (i.e., “TC”) and issue direct orders to any infantry brigade (through its leader) or individual regiment(s) within 50 yards. Once a player moves beyond 50 yards away, all TC’d brigade commanders and regiments must be returned to computer control. A unit that is TC’d may receive orders by any method. In other words, to take personal, direct control of a brigade or regiment, a player must be there, and remain close by. Unlike earlier games, it is possible for players to have multiple leaders and regiments TC’d at the same time so long as he remains within 50 yards;
c) The only way a player may give direct orders to an individual regiment is when he is within 50 yards per “b” above. Beyond 50 yards, players may never send orders to a computer-controlled regiment. This direction must come through orders (typically written) given to a regiment’s brigade commander;
d) Batteries, individual guns, objective holders and supply wagons may be freely TC’d and moved by any method at any time;
e) Players at brigade-command level are subject to the same TC’ing limitations as divisions i.e., a brigade commander may only TC regiments within 50 yards and must return regiments to AI control once beyond 50 yards.

Will Kirby Smith be able to reclaim the Cumberland Gap for the Confederacy? Come make history – and help us make this the biggest game yet!

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"Kirby Smith & His Rebel Band..." - Sign Up for HITS/GCM Game 6 Empty Re: "Kirby Smith & His Rebel Band..." - Sign Up for HITS/GCM Game 6

Post  WJPalmer on Fri Feb 08, 2013 4:40 am

This game will feature revised -- and simplified -- restrictions on players taking control of their regiments and brigades. In a nutshell, a regiment or brigade leader may be TC'd whenever the player/leader is within 50 yards, which represents the close personal command often exercised by Civil War leaders. Otherwise, the battle is conducted by AI subordinates executing player orders.

A very good turnout is expected for this game. In recent weeks we've seen a large game-day contingent of the GCM crowd. I'd especially like to see as many HITS vets join in as possible. If you haven't played in a HITS/GCM game before, you're in for a real treat!

See you Saturday!


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