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Post  Father General on Sat Jan 19, 2013 5:45 am


Please roll the obligatory video as you read through the credits.

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Thank you for your fantastic and steadfast participation in this campaign. This was a unique endeavor which played itself out well, despite great challenges behind the scenes. I would like to extend a special thanks to all who participated in any capacity. Without each of your individual contributions, this campaign would not have been possible or have played out as wonderfully as it has. Let us hope for success tomorrow, defined as fun, and look forward to a second installment under the direction of Mr. Digby.

And now, special thanks to:

Martin James for his sage advice delivered at a critical moment.
Mr. Digby for the his sage advice, creation of the campaign map, and toleration of both the eccentricities of the Father General and myself.
Hays for creation of the OOB tool and the OOBs. Unfortunately, no two OOBs were alike. Sorry about that. Without your herculean efforts, we would have accomplished nothing.
Baldwin for scenario creation.
Stefan/Leffe for scenario creation, and command of the Confederate Corps. It was not an easy responsibility!
Major Byrd for command of the Union Division.
All of you for playing and participating. Each of you in your own way contributed something special and unique and for that, I thank you. The truest pleasure of this campaign was working with each of you, especially behind the scenes.
The SOW Dev team, for building such an amazing product. It still wows me.
The GCM community and Garnier. Aside from their participation, the GCM community has contributed players, knowledge, and skill to the campaign. The GCM community has also done much work, maintaining interest in the community for SOW. Without that level of community interest, there would not likely be a Western Campaign!
A VERY SPECIAL THANKS to the GREATER Kreigsspiel community. Your forums, your hospitality and members have been simply awesome. You are the finest group of gentlemen I have ever gamed with, ever.
Oh yeah...and thank you to Kevin/General Georgia. Thanks for leaving me this FRIGGIN' WOODEN SPOON to eat my supper with! I'll hope you know, that was a prize-winning rose bush too!

And now, I truly hope I have covered the bases. Invariably, the mind is a fallible thing, so if I have missed a name, whisper in my ear so I may complete the list of credits. Don't be shy, all deserve their honors, and you shall not be deprived!

Well that's about it. I shall close with a story -- a little treat.

In the days prior to the Civil War, circuses would travel the country and kids would, for an extra price of a penny or two, get to look in a special tent where a live elephant would stand, an exotic rarity in those days. For nearly all, it was the single largest creature they would ever see, excepting the whaling-folk. For many kids, it was a great question, "Have you seen the elephant?" Although it was commonly a sideshow, it was for many kids the whole of the circus. If you did not see the elephant, you hadn't seen the circus.

Later, during the Civil War, the phrase "seeing the elephant" became a euphemism for combat. One who had seen combat had "seen the elephant." Such a status entitled you to a degree of respect, since you would have risked your life and seen the horrors of combat. You had been tested and found worthy.

On this solemn day and occasion, without further ado, I give you your elephant.

[Please scroll down]

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You have now seen the elephant.


Father General

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Post  Uncle Billy on Sat Jan 19, 2013 4:06 pm

Thanks for your hard work and putting up with all the cantankerous players to keep this campaign going. Ummm, one thing though. My men were under strict orders to only allow the enemy the use of chopsticks. I'll have to ask for that wooden spoon back. Sorry.

I can make this march and I will make Georgia howl.
Uncle Billy

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