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Ratios between block types

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Ratios between block types

Post  henridecat on Tue Jan 27, 2009 1:39 pm

Discussion copied from Yahoo group.

I am in the final stages of making molds to cast by own blocks, I am
proposing to make a set to allow up to two corp size formations to
make battle (well if I am casting my own I may as well go all the way)

what i am asking is what would the experts here regard as being the
ideal ratio between the block types

I am proposing making the following blocks

1/2 battalion infantry
1/2 battalion rifles
1/2 battalion pioneers
Large exchange pieces
Small exchange pieces
Skirmish platoon
Officer and 25 men
NCO and 10 men
1 or 2 man post
Sqn Uhlans
Sqn Hussars
Sqn Dragoons
Sqn Cuirassiers
Officer and 21 riders
NCO and 10 Riders
Battery foot artillery
Battery horse artillery
Foot artillery division
Horse artillery division
Pontoon wagons
Artillery wagons
Supply wagons

So how many of each should I cast

"Ian Jackson"

Ok Ian. Here are some suggestions.

You're probably aware that there was no standard organisation above the battalion/squadron level. A Napoleonic French division might look very different to a Prussian one for example. One of the joys of designing scenarios is that you can pick your period and mix of armies, or even just create an engagement between hypothetical countries.

So what follows is just one suggestion for a late Napoleonic 'divisional-sized' force. It's based mainly on some sets produced by Bill Leeson for his own use. These were designed to allow for a wide variety of scenarios, so really represent a larger force than one division.

1/2 battalion infantry x12
1/2 battalion rifles x6
1/2 battalion pioneers x2
Large exchange pieces x6
Small exchange pieces x6
Skirmish platoon x12
Officer and 25 men* x12
NCO and 10 men (use * above)
1 or 2 man post (use * above)
Sqn Uhlans x4
Sqn Hussars x4
Sqn Dragoons x4
Sqn Cuirassiers x4
Officer and 21 riders (use * above)
NCO and 10 Riders (use * above)
1/2 Battery foot artillery x4
1/2 Battery horse artillery x2
1/2 Battery heavy foot artillery x2
Artillery division or exchange piece x8 (each representing 2 guns)
Pontoon wagons x2
Artillery wagons 1 for each full battery, 2 for each heavy battery
Supply wagons x12

You'll see I have not distinguished between patrols, pickets & vedettes of various sizes. In a game between forces of any size, we find there is enough for both players & umpires to think about without going into this level of detail. We do ask players what size their cavalry patrols will be. Obviously if one side has specified larger patrols, they will tend to outscout their opponents. The downsides are that this draws strength from their main body of cavalry, and there is also the risk that larger patrols will feel honour-bound to engage enemy cavalry whatever its strength.

Hope that helps.

Martin James
Thanks Martin
that is a very useful list for me
I agree with your comments about using the one size of block for patrols as
too many different blocks will complicate the game to a degree
but I am a pedantic old bugger and the game was originally set up this way so
for me this is the way I must set up LOL
I am looking at a British Napoleonic Corps setup as that is where my loyalties lie

Thanks again


"I am looking at a British Napoleonic Corps setup"

Well as such a thing never existed, I wish you all the best with that one !
Let us know if you find it!

David Commerford
So what you are saying is Wellington's First and Second corps were not present at Waterloo then, remind me what were all those troops doing standing around then LOL

sorry I realize I should have typed Anglo-Allied Corps or something similar but you know what it is I just typed British.

Right then second try what I intend producing is an Anglo-Allied Corps something along the line of the attached file

Ian Jackson

Ah! Right.

Well yes Anglo-Allied is more correct but I have to confess I don't think "British Napoleonic" = Waterloo, I think Peninsular.

Something to do with seven years verses four months!

David Commerford


I know Peninsular is important especially from the British point of

but what I envision is keeping Sharpe and Harper and all his comrades
occupied now that we have got rid of the Corsican upstart


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