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No bad feelings

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No bad feelings

Post  NY Cavalry on Sat Aug 25, 2012 2:21 am


I'm sure you have been reading my post on Norb's site. I want to comment here to smooth over any misunderstandings. If anyone has a bone to pick with me I am available. I meant no disrespect. The post was never intended as a target on the HITS group.

At times I come across very abrasive and I want to leave no lingering animosity.

Feel free to pm or post on this thread.

Ny Cavalry
RC Harmon

NY Cavalry

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Re: No bad feelings

Post  Martin on Sat Aug 25, 2012 9:49 am


Thanks for posting.

I have been following the thread on the NSD forum, and don't believe you were intending to attack our HITS group.

There are some differences in approach between the the two groups, but in my view that's a good thing as folks like to play the game in different ways. Overrall it means a bigger audience for the game.

So please don't worry. And as far as I'm concerned, you're welcome to join us for a game anytime. We don't aim to be exclusive, and I can think of at least one of our group who plays regularly with the GCM group too.

Kind regards



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Re: No bad feelings

Post  Cleburne on Sat Aug 25, 2012 7:14 pm

I have been following that thread at the NSD forum myself guys and i think the majority are seeing it as a level headed discussion that you started.
Certainly their are some that will force an opinion across as a fact of some kind, however that isn't anything that will ever change,its been around as long as opinions have Very Happy

One thing i think is unclear to some is the differences in the simulation between GCM and HITS fights.
For my part i like both concepts, and have spent time with both groups.
Mainly a "GCM'er" at first i will now spend equally my time with both groups as ive learnt to enjoy not only the battles but the company of the individual members themselves and dont like to seperate them.
I prefer that the online MP community has two or three common ways to fight, rather than two or three seperate MP communities.
This to me is the loss we all dont understand how to explain.It has nothing to do with winning or losing or cheating or siezing unfair advantages.It is more to do with the groups dwindling and then rebuilding and so on and so forth.The common ground needs to exist for both to work well and exist together hence my preference of one community with severel preferences as opposed to several communties.
Two or three working together and apart can achieve so much more as a group.
John Nash anyone?
Heres the deal
if you like to play the SoW simulation in any format i suggest you give all a go before making any statements about either.This is what most are missing i think.
I imagine if some of them experienced the action involved in fighting within Kevins HITS MOD then it might force them to have a rethink.No you dont get total control over the enviroment like a semi- god from "Black&White" however you get a very enjoyable perspective of the battle at regimental level that can only be experienced and not put into words.I think the same applies to the GCM yet in a more subtle way.At GCM you get the experience of controlling multiple units simultaniously to achieve fast effective gameplay that is also very enjoyable with the right crowd.
Its a horses and courses thing simply.No need to dilute the beer! scratch
if you prefer one or other then thats fine but the folks who bash the other to make their own choice seem more viable is madness.Thats what divides us all not just the individuals making the comments.
Anyhow i enjoy the company of ALL of you guys and hope we long continue to enjoy this fine masterpiece of battle simulator for a while to come.

Colours blazing like the sun! cheers


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Re: No bad feelings

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