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Personal review about the Kriegspiel mod & Kriegspiel gaming group and invitation to new players

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Personal review about the Kriegspiel mod & Kriegspiel gaming group and invitation to new players

Post  ushiri on Wed Jan 02, 2019 2:11 am

I think this can serve as a gateway to attain more players focused towards the same attractive goal as us who allready enjoy it. This group is to good to die out even if I can see it has a quite solid gamebase it doesn´t hurt to attract more people into it who share the important aspect of: Fun & respect & teamwork & missunderstanding orders Very Happy

Here is my personal review about the Kriegspiel mod & Kriegspiel gaming group and the Scourge of war Waterloo game:

---------------Steam review ------------------------
This is actually not a review of the vanilla/base game  and instead a review of
the mod named  Kriegspiel. Since that mod actually is what Scourge of war
Waterloo never became.

My top favorite games:
Scourge of war Waterloo/Ghettysburg, Syrian warfare, NTW3mod for Napoleon total war, Take command 2nd manassas, Sid meiers Gettysburg, Fields of glory (Amiga), Men of war Assault squad, Project reality, Arma2

Here is my review about the Kriegspiel mod and the Kriegspiel gaming group:

Now the KS mod has been updated to 1.29 but the only person that
really knows and can explain the KS mod in a good way is DarkRob316.

The KS mod is a very unique modification which takes the allready deep and heavy
game SOWW to an even deeper more immersive realistic level that no other game
has on a non modern battlefield ever in a digital enviroment.

KS mod Overview & interface  by Darkrob316 ( Part 1 )

Many many more additionst has been made but these are the ones
I very much appreciate, especially that cav can´t enter woods and
arty is so much more scary and all of the below:

+ Cavalry will not attack into woods,stonewalls,towns.
+ Scouting cavalry detachments added
+ More functional toolbar
+ Great increase in losses when attacked from rear/flank
+ 4 types of cav: Lancers, light, medium, heavy
+ Units in line no longer crisscrossing each other all over the battlefield
+ More effective artillery, Guns can´t rotate without unlimbering
+ Artillery now gets assigned a small detachement as protection
+ 40 more maps
+ Skirmishing rewritten
+ More than 50 scenarios for sp,mp or co-op

Nations available:
Austria and France (1800) - German theater
Prussia and France (1806)
Russia and France (1807)
Austria and France (1809) - Italian and Danube, (spring & summer), theaters
Russia and France (1812)
Anglo-Portuguese-Spanish and France (Peninsular 1808-1814)
Anglo-Dutch-German, Prussia and France (1815)

--- Kriegspiel gaming group ---
Here are info about the gaminggroup Kriegspiel

The main purpose of the group is to enjoy the game in cooperative battles against the now very modded smart ai with fellow players. This is the groups signum " We aspire to be modest in victory and gracious in defeat ".

--- Inspirational battle reports ---
and very entertaining missunderstanding between commanders from different
points of view of the battlefield seen from the saddle:

-- Personal thoughts ---

I read about the mod and tried it out by myself but no others on steam that I meet seemed interested in learning how to play the mod or were to ignorant to really enjoy it. So I read the info about it and it feelt very very inspired to check out the group playing since they dont complain if you are not good or a new player and instead tries to boost your confidence and drive you towards new heights to gain excellence on the field of battle.  

So far I have played five battles together with them in the " Saddle view " (HITS) gamemode with a bare map (minimap sort of ) with no units on and the using the courier system ( Where you write orders to your fellow commanders on the field to teamwork ) and it has been a wonderful game sessions with GREAT missunderstanding and orders not reaching other players when I dearly needed support.  

This mod/gamegroup does NOT offer any helicopter/drone view of the battlefield, nor does the ai you have under your command listen to your command at all times and instead tries to make its on decisions based on your orders.  Thats why I personally love it so much because you understand the harshness of the battlefield in the napoleonic era or any other earlier battlefield that orders are not instant and they quite often dont turn out as you wanted them to be.

So please give it a try and check out the video ontop
and read more about the Kriegspiel mod here.

--KSmod Manual--

Dont hesitate to contact me if you want to play a
game together with me or ask questions Smile
/ Ushiri

Original source on steam:

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