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September 23rd 2018 face to face game at Little Gaddesdon

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September 23rd 2018 face to face game at Little Gaddesdon

Post  gunboat diplomat on Wed Jul 11, 2018 2:21 pm

Hi all

A reminder that the September 23rd 2018 game at LG will be a Corps level ACW game.

Early sign ups to the attached poll please to ensure Richard, whose organising, can plan the game and ensure everyone gets a meaningful role.

Thanks in advance


gunboat diplomat

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Re: September 23rd 2018 face to face game at Little Gaddesdon

Post  henridecat on Sun Jul 15, 2018 7:33 pm

Louisville or Bust!

The September game is an operational level ACW kriegspiel that takes place in 18862 in Tennessee and Kentucky. The numerically superior Federal armies of Maj Gen Don Carlos Buell and Maj Gen William ‘Bull’ Nelson face the Confederate forces of Gen Braxton Bragg and Maj Gen Edmund Kirby-Smith.

It is August 1862. Unlike the forces facing General Robert E. Lee’s Army of Northern Virginia, the Union Armies in the Western Theatre have made much progress. The Tennessee and Cumberland Rivers have been opened to the U.S. Navy after successes at the battles of Fort Henry and Fort Donelson.

Following the significant victory won by Major General Ulysses S. Grant at Shiloh in April, the railroad hub at Corinth has been evacuated by the Confederates, causing most of West Tennessee to fall into Union control.

New Orleans, the Confederacy's largest city has been captured by Admiral David Farragut and the city of Vicksburg, an important strategic aim for the Union commanders, is the remaining end of railroad communications running to the wider is Confederacy. Consequentially, protecting this Confederate stronghold on the Mississippi River has become a top priority.

President Jefferson Davis, in conjunction with Braxton Bragg, who he promoted to full General just four months ago, is determined to draw Union attention away from Vicksburg and the major rail centre of Chattanooga, Tennessee, now under threat from a large Union force under Major General Don Carlos Buell.

It is planned to achieve these aims by invading Kentucky.

The main terrain features of the campaign area are the great rivers, the Mississippi, the Ohio, the Cumberland and the Tennessee and the Cumberland Mountains, though much of the countryside is is characterised by rolling hills and open woodland.

The Cumberland Gap





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